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I write regularly about what’s happening in the world of AI research. I try to write monthly, but make no promises.

I’m a researcher at Midjourney. I used to be a researcher at DeepMind. None of what I write is endorsed by anyone other than myself.

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Artificial Fintelligence is a reader-supported publication. I don’t get paid by anyone to do this. I prefer writing without a paywall. It maximizes value for society. Also, paywalls suck.

Unfortunately, I have a mortgage. So, I come to you with this offer: if you'd like professionally relevant writing about the bleeding edge of AI research to happen on a relatively regular basis, you can pay me money, and I will continue writing.

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I write detailed articles about the frontiers of AI research. Read by over 5000 researchers at OpenAI, DeepMind, Midjourney, Google, Stanford, Berkeley, etc.


empiricist. ml researcher. previously: engineering at deepmind 🧠